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Do you know what's changed in the last 20 years?

For the first few Italian diabetic foot centers that sent Dr Graziani their difficult cases to test his technique, they had dramatically and positively changed the outcome of their patients in favor of a complete limb salvage using his innovative and effective method.

Doctors coming from Italy and many other countries visited him to learn this technique since that time.

Dr Graziani was the first who presented the experience of a successful non-surgical endovascular technique in saving leg in diabetes in an international meeting. This happened on September 9th, 2001 in a meeting in Scotland. To confirm how unthinkable his data were considered by the meeting’s scientific committee, the presentation was placed at the end of the program, just before leaving for the airport.

The same data was then published the following year in an international scientific journal.

For instance, his first published experience was able to deduce the expected rate of amputation from the 40% into 5% only.

Since that time, in every medical conference on peripheral revascularization, techniques referred to limb salvage are in evidence as main topics.

During his career Dr. Lanfroi Graziani never had conflict of interest with any Company or medical devices manufacturers.

Therefore, his presence during conferences or courses was sometimes considered as a discordant voice, respect to a more univocal group of presenters.