General information

There are any proof of what we have done?

As we know scientific data should be the only acceptable measurement method to prove results. Our thirty years research solidified in a tangible change of diabetic foot prognosis and outcome.

Since 2001, the number of patients that historically were at risk of limb loss, changed from 40% to just 1.8 – 4.0%, according to data reported in our most recent publications.

In addition, about 45% of patient with ischemic ulcers successfully revascularized, may heal with dressing only. Unfortunately learning this endovascular innovative technique requires months and months of training and application in centers of excellence, tutored by qualified specialists.

The PAD foundation’s goal is to promote, develop and teach revascularization technique to save leg in the population at higher risk of limb loss.

This will be possible by financing clinical research and assigning grants to specialists to support them during training periods learning extreme vascular interventions in centers of excellence.