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Diabetes' hospitalization costs: do you know how much is it?

The cost of diabetic disease represents a big problem for all nations now and even more in the future.

PAD and its consequences are the main cause of hospitalization of diabetes, therefore the main cost.
Due to the diffuse involvement of small and medium size heavily calcified leg arteries, for decades revascularization was considered a possibility for a selected number of cases only.

This “mission impossible” of treating the huge number of excluded cases, stimulated Dr L. Graziani to find a reliable endovascular solution. Starting in the ‘80 with some prototype of coronary angioplasty balloons, even at the beginning of ’90 he was able to recanalize occluded leg and foot arteries in diabetic patients. He further refined his technique over the years and then in 1998 Dr Graziani demonstrated the possibility of his technique publishing the results of large series of consecutive diabetic and dialyzed cases at risk of major amputation.

The impressive results of his papers posed him under the spotlight of the international medical diabetes community and not only.