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Diabetes and its distribution in the world: learning more?

The distribution of diabetes in the world is influenced by various factors such as race and diet. Most of diabetic people in the world live in a limited number of countries like India, China, US, and Pakistan. Unfortunately, according to all epidemiological studies, the number of diabetic people is expected to double by 2030. Most increases will occur particularly in Pakistan, Egypt, India, Brazil, and China, where the increase will be by 94%, 80%, 72%, 67% and 45% respectively.

These percentages have brought the WHO to define the phenomena as a planetary emergency due to the serious health and social-economic consequences.

Type 2 diabetes, (97% of total) is not uniformly distributed among the ages. Particularly in age over 60, is found in almost 25% of population.

Unfortunately, 20% of all diabetics during life develop leg and foot ulceration mostly due to poor circulation, which if not cured may lead to the risk of limb loss in more than 40% of cases.